Award-Winning Country Duo Back with Christmas Track

“Simple Down Home Christmas” 

Irvine, California, United States –

Husband and wife country duo Jed and Claire Seneca, natives of New Iberia La.,  are back to brighten up everyone’s holiday season with their new single “Simple Down Home Christmas.” With soulful vocals and insightful lyrics, the song brings back the traditional and warm memories everyone felt back home when they were younger.  

For years, husband and wife country duo Jed and Claire have been a personal favorite of many because of their great quality country music recorded in Nashville TN. The duo wrote and recorded “Simple Down Home Christmas” to bring back the joy in this year’s holiday season with a hope that fans can feel the same nostalgia they did while working on the recording of the song.  

With everything going on in the world today, songs like this help people cherish moments with their loved ones. Support this duo and tune into their new track this Christmas and let it bring you back in time! 

If you want to encourage them, visit their website and leave a comment. You can also visit and subscribe to their YouTube channel for frequent updates! Moreover, you can also head over to Spotify to save “Simple Down Home Christmas” to your Christmas playlist. 

About :

Jed & Claire Seneca have recorded country music together for over 30 years. Fans of the pioneering country duo enjoyed their long-awaited new album “Carry You Through” in early 2019, available online. 

Before stepping away from the music industry for a few years, Jed & Claire, then known as Seneca, earned acclaim with their self-titled debut album on Ransom Records. released in 1994, the project was at the forefront of a new music genre that combined country music instrumentation with faith-based lyrics. 

When it seemed like their music career was at its peak, the couple decided to redirect their career into a new direction. They moved to Austin and focused their music efforts on college and professional sports ministry organizations. 

With their current album “Carry You Through” and this new track “Simple Down Home Christmas”, they have reignited their music careers. Be on the lookout for their new LP slated for release in early 2021! 

Currently Jed and Claire live in Irvine CA.


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