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Our music-genre style message: 


We write and sing country music that is traditional with a blended contemporary feel and a modern edge.  Our songs have a message about hope, love, 

family, marriage, faith and God.   Our lyrics contain real life circumstances along with answers that deal with these everyday issues. 


Our desire is that when anyone hears our music, it would have an immediate positive effect and help change a  mood, an attitude or  help someone trying to get through a bad day or circumstance. 

Why the new projects after all these years: 


We decided to do this new project because we still have the desire in our heart and feel we still have something to say through music.  We had written a song titled Takin’ A Stand in 1995.  About 2.5 years ago, I  woke up in the middle of the night with that song on my mind in which I hadn’t thought of for many years. The next day, I went through my old recordings and found it and we realized how relevant it is for present times.  It was then we knew we had to do a new project. 


In 1997, we decided to go down a different path with our music.  Over the years, we have held creative staff  positions at various churches in multiple states. So we never really left doing music, but only changed the platform "so to speak". 

Do you consider yourselves christian singers? 

(Jed or Claire) 

We consider ourselves to be christians who sing for the general public.  Music rated GP.  Most of our songs have a blended message with a christian fiber running through it that works in a mainstream platform and some songs have straight ahead worship content. 

How did you meet? 


We met in 1986 back in La.  I was singing 6 nights a week in a bar and Jed came by because he knew other members in the band.  He was already living in Nashville but was just in for the weekend.  We struck up a conversation and after I told him I would soon be going into a local studio he asked me a question that made me stop and think.  “What are you going to do with the demo after you finish recording it?”.  That impacted me in such a way that I canceled the session the next day and our professional working relationship started and I moved to Nashville within 4 mo’s of that meeting. 

How did you become a duo? 


After Claire moved to Nashville toward the end of 1986,  we spent 2 years developing her as a solo pop singer with producer Ron Cornelius who I worked with at the time.  We shopped her for deal in LA and NYC but was never able get any traction.  Through that process and being in Nashville, she started becoming more and more a country music fan.   When we met, she didn’t have a country bone in her body.  As we began to write more songs together along with our relationship changing to be more personal, a natural path evolved for us to become a duo.

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